The Art of Undone: Reclaiming Its Sacredness.


I created  this set using Polyvore. Check out more of my designs here!

There’s truly an art to allowing things to be: whether this means allowing yourself to be, or allowing things in your life to be.  One has to be before one can become. In my voyage I’ve learned everything uncomfortable isn’t an emergency. Some things have a natural way of orbiting in and out of my mini-universe. This doesn’t mean desiring change, but doing nothing; it does mean taking the time to decide what I can and should change immediately, then eventually, and what needs to be left to God and fate. (And not disordering this out of hurt, fear and pride.) It takes a lot to accept that most things are ushered in or out naturally. Personal growth is very sacred, strategic, and its timing is very uncertain. The only thing I see that is certain is the beauty of renewal, and my commitment to being present in it. I’m reflecting on the occasions where I tried to skip steps, only to accomplish nothing, and then I would wonder why I was actually in the same place I started. I’m becoming more conscious of the truth that life isn’t avoidable. The key is being patient with my personal evolution. Well, just thought I’d share. 🙂


Flower Wall Art. Nature Rambles. Tea Time.


So these are the darlings I’ve pressed using one a very large dictionary for some DIY wall art. I love the texture and the color fades at the end of the petals.  I always thank God for flowers. They’re on my “most thankful for” list located under column 1, section 1b 🙂

I’ve been studying about butterfly’s here lately, I felt uncertain, because I’m fascinated again!! My favorite subject in high school was biology, so surprised I am, but not really… but learning to be ok with this part of myself. I haven’t met many people who like to sit and talk about butterflies, outside some in my immediate family. Looking to connect with like nature enthusiast. No I’m not advertising, though it would be nice. hmmm. lol

I drank Tea. Green Tea with honey. I love Green Tea that has a bite. lol  Tazo makes the best blend I’ve ever had!

happy weekend.


Healing The Feminine Spirit| Becoming The Change

Sisters Cultivate1

Credits- Background: Kaffe Fasset  & Vasare Nar  


 My love for brown girls, sisterhood, laboring collectively to produce beauty in everything we touch, and this one huge motherland called earth, inspired me to create this graphic piece.

My thoughts:

Sometimes we engage in futile battles, while the worthy of fighting against, and for are left in the hands of defeat. Averting our energies to spiritual, mental, and physical strength and wellness is the only real war. SELF. I can conquer, outsmart, and even attempt to control my sister, to a degree, but the real mastery is self-control, and self-evolution.

One can inspire change, and even pray for change, but the queenliest act of all is BECOMING the change.

I’m inspired to share this because I’m challenging ME to focus. The worst that can happen is I’ll relinquish more of my shackles- and so, sometimes feel doubtful. The best that can happen is I’ll experience deep fulfillment, healing, and receive the humbling privilege of passing these on to my sisters and daughter(s). We are in desperate need of healing the feminine spirit. If we get audacity, and are mindful each day to encourage ourselves, and one-another about what’s truly important, I believe both individually, and collectively we’ll make revolutionary change as women.


Boundaries. Am I Worthy?


Setting healthy boundaries is a very complex task. Some days I feel I’m moving forward and seeing progress. I see hues and colors that I haven’t seen since my early childhood. My mind is vivid and I’m free. Those times, I’m usually highly creative, and art feels like my second heart beat. Other times I doubt my progression. I feel very alone, and heavily condemned for loving me a little more. Yes, I have those days too.  I have moments where I still feel unworthy, and like my past has haunted me. Then out of nowhere, I feel like I’m a new woman, ready to re-introduce herself, just to allow fear talk me right out of it. Often I’m tempted to repeat my people-pleasing. There’s an inner longing to betray myself. I see myself as a field of flowers waiting to bloom. On those days I find it more comfortable to sit tight. Waiting. Not allowing myself to open up for the world to see. I don’t want to imagine how it would feel to see every flower in Spring sitting tightly closed, though it’s their season to blossom unapologetically. I imagine this is what it’s like in a world that needs me to be myself, and I cower. Is it fear of the unknown? Is it the terror of admitting there are things I can no longer tolerate, no longer ignore, no longer allow to happen? Maybe the natural withdrawals of ending activities that rob me of my God given right to be happy, loved, appreciated, and free- is what I fear most.  Boundaries, I need you, but sometimes I don’t feel worthy to have you.

Lesson from The Mat: Awareness.◑


Beautiful Rising!

I want to share a lesson I’ve learned during my bodywork sessions. Practicing bodywork is tough, and takes much patience with you. I realize how much my body holds on to well after events occur. It amazes me how easy it is for me to literally hold on to the feelings from my experience and by doing this (without realizing it has played a major part in my decision-making, and not always for the best.) I believe the saying “the issues are in the tissues.” When I discuss bodywork I mean stretching, breathing exercises and various methods to get me in tune with my body. I’ve experienced a few traumas in my life, which include a very scary car accident I was in about 7 years back. I find it’s very important that I stay in touch with my body and allow myself to feel, and not be afraid to acknowledge a range of feelings. I even cry on my mat sometimes. I shake. I’m in tune with my reality. I’m facing myself.

Bodywork has shown me how tense my body is.

I hit the mat ready to ask: “What have I been carrying around?” Now, Badu’s Bag Lady has ALWAYS been one of my favorite songs, and as I grow, I appreciate the truth in her words. Many times I’ve thought that I let go, but the truth is just as we transform our minds we also have to align our bodies with our minds. This has to happen daily. The body is an electromagnetic field. We are literally electric. The energy we experience in situations often linger way after we have vowed to release them. Releasing is a process. No experience effects just one part of our make-up. Regular exercise and movement is essential to wholeness. So many things build up in our hearts, and our muscles have memory.

I find a good sweat and stretching sessions a key to stress reduction. I find detoxing essential. Enemas are rejuvenating and helps to release blocked energy. Water does miracles. We bathe regularly for cleansing, and this cleansing is a tool for refreshing and coming into sync with a daily “letting go” so-to-speak. Water helps the body to release toxins, and at the same time refreshes and replenish the body. This is the natural law.

This is a very extensive topic and there’s much more I plan to share with you. I hope this post encourages you to be patient with yourself and take your time on your mat. MAKE time for you. It’s a healing session. I’m preaching to myself first. 🙂

“The ability to cope is a gift not a test.” The Floacist

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I want to hear your perspective. What are some things you do physically to maintain health and release stress? Outside of physical well-being, what benefits have you experienced? Please share!