Submerged in Harmony| The Light. 6.18.14. AD




Below is a diary entry from 2012. I decided to share because the manifestation of the dream Yahweh gave me is coming to pass in this period of my souls journey. Back then was the beginning of my inner-healing journey. Since 2012 I can’t tell you how many tears, pain, doubt, struggle, fear, betrayal, laughter, smiles, kisses, hugs, encouragement & pure bliss has come to me…and this continues. I need all of these experiences, so I embrace them fully. I am a healing-healer. When I had this dream I had no clue this would actualize in my life. All I knew is how real what I saw and felt was. So much has happened that has tempted me to doubt what I was shown.  Today I’m fully submerged, and enjoying this fear-less wonder as I surrender. Water has always had a way of healing me. I’ve been known to take extremely long baths, and I love to swim. lol Water has always had a way of calming me, and oddly I feel very safe in it. I hope that each of you can get a glimpse of what it means to be truly free, fully overtaken by your pursuit of wholeness. It is your birthright. It takes confidence in The Most High and Self to submerge into the harmonious and healthy waters. Harmony means “off-notes” will be involved. It’s ok… “play with your own squishy.” (in the words of Andre 3000) lol And I say allow those things that make no sense become your new normal.  Above all I hope you will be inspired and enlightened.


xoxo & Wholeness| Alysia


January 23, 2012 at 11:21pm

Earlier this evening I had a dream. I dreamed I was deep in the ocean under the water looking up and I saw the light of the sun gleaming through the crystal blue. For once in my life I didn’t care who was around me. Who was enjoying. Who was pleased, or who saw that light but me. I didn’t care who felt that freedom from the water making me feel weightless but me. I stared at that beam from the sun from under that deep water for about 3 min. I was amazed at how free I was; as it seemed the water enjoyed me. It embraced me. It helped me see clear. I was submerged in something that I enjoy most. Water. I love the ocean. I love to swim. I didn’t rush it and it didn’t rush me. The way the sun shined almost purposefully right above me was surreal. I wasn’t afraid either. I was deep in and had no fear.


I made a very challenging decision earlier today. Before I had this dream. I didn’t care if anyone approved, I wasn’t looking for validation for what I felt was right for me for one of the few times in my life. It’s a process that I’m in. This change is life-altering for me. When I woke up from the dream I felt so refreshed and carefree and relaxed, but yet energetic and rejuvenated at the same time.



I interpret my dream to mean that when I submerge myself into healing relentlessly that’s the place where I find my serenity. Water purges. When I purge my space spiritually, physically and mentally and immerse ME in the new waters, I thrive, I float, I dance. It’s deep and I may look around and see no one, but I am so occupied with this new found freedom, and peace and beauty that it hasn’t hit me nor have I stopped to even looked around. Reality is it’s not necessary to. My path is one that only I can travel. I never ran out of breath under the ocean. I didn’t panic. The wide ocean space was not a concern (and I normally have a fear of wide open spaces). When I see that the waters are so deep that I am light, and carefree and I see light above me; which represents my heavenly father, I know I’m in the right place.



interior design. a life of transformation.☎☕


#NP Kersha Bailey ~ “Try Again”

Peaceful Rising!

I hope you like my interior design set! I was just thinking red and black, so I went with it. Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love Angela Simmons, for so many reasons. I love the way her apartment looked in NYC well I guess LA now. I know she relocated. I saw some pics of her apartment and she had some pops of red and some sleek black going on and it was still soft because of the elements used. So I guess subconsciously my love for her spot inspired this set someway. I’ve never been huge on red, but I guess I love it now. This set just had to have some element of pink in there or it just wouldn’t be me. This is my space. I decorated it with no one else but me in mind. I’m married, so some of these items probably wouldn’t be welcomed, especially my pillows. lol MEN. SMH lol

I’m always reflecting. I am an “inner vision” type of person so-to-speak. I was thinking about what I cherish and value around me, what I like to see manifested, not in a couch or a piece of art but maybe like what color I want my spirit to show or what it would take to revamp my inner world to be what I would consider truly beautiful, honorable and well ME. I love to design both interior and fashion and I think where I am mentally and emotionally always reflects in what I create. Maybe this is why I decided to do an interior design set. 🙂 I have been on this journey of transformation and renovation, and just recently I made some decisions that got me off track. This, as well as not realizing how much hard work goes into maintaining my changes was a blow to my little ego and spirit. Just like with a home space, you can buy all new fixtures, furniture, wall-paintings and stuff you want. Reality is it takes work to rid your space of the old and bring in the new, AND to properly maintain the new. I’m learning.

Life is just one huge continuous interior design project. The work is learning to maintain the new changes. I realize it’s just a matter of how bad I truly want change. The age of 29 going into 30 showed me that all of my changes wouldn’t be applauded or even acknowledged by others, so in reality outside of GOD I’m an audience of one. Stepping out of people-pleasing and just trying to be to say I’m a good person for others into yeah sometimes I get angry, yes sometimes I will make mistakes, I hurt, sometimes I want to be alone, yes I am happy at times even if everyone else is frowning, yes I do love what I love, agree with what I will and disagree at times and I will be ok with me. My journey is teaching me what it really means to love myself and appreciate my uniqueness. It’s also shown me the level of energy, inspiration, steadfastness and dedication I have to cultivate on this journey to my best self. Lastly, this journey has also shown me the importance of having a solid relationship with YAHWEH. My creator my Lord, King, my everything. 🙂  Well, I’m learning something new each day. I hope you all stick around for more snapshots of the journey.

I want to urge you to be strong in yourself and embrace life’s transitions. You won’t be the same person you were last year or two years ago if you don’t choose to be. It’s ok to strive for a different, healthier and honorable you. Sometimes we try to hold on in attempts to correct a wrong. Forgive yourself deeply and the next time the same opportunity comes you have another chance. If it doesn’t at least you learned something valuable to pass on. Change can be scary because we don’t always know the outcome. Most often we fear others reactions or lack-thereof. If it’s YOU who this change is really for ask GOD to help you and begin your journey!

Light & Joy