My HeART Journal | 7.8.14



Sharing adornments I created over the weekend with you! I love plugs, and I don’t want to stretch my lobes so I decided to create my version for pierced ears. Well those are the hand painted ones with the neon heart and a button in the middle ❤ I like to mix and match stuff I also made a Patchwork inspired Heart Brooch. Mixed media jewelry was my inspiration behind all these! I LoVe Buttons, and flowers too! I keep fresh flowers around regularly. Colors reflect and create moods. I even put one in my Grandma’s hair! 🙂




I can’t wait to hit the Urban Craft Uprising Market at the Seattle Street Food Festival in August! I created an “VAcationSpiration board” for my trip! I’m ready to go like NOW! lol

If you like these vibrant artifacts, or you would like to share what your imagination is expressing I’d love to see!! Please share below!



xoxo and Happy Crafting | Alysia


Beautiful Rising!

I thought I’d post some promises of GOD for my readers. I’m always bombarded with warnings, and “bad news” as I research how the world is changing and seeing the signs of the times. Warnings are great, and the truth is some things have to happen as prophecy unfolds. I think it’s always good and necessary to balance that out with the “Good News”. The beauty is we still have time a period of grace to align our hearts and minds for trials and even escape them, as the Word promises. These passages help me remain hopeful instead of worrying myself to oblivion. The bible does say that in these times many people’s hearts will fail them because of fear of what is to come. I don’t want my heart to fail me! I don’t want your heart to be troubled or fail you either so I thought I’d share hope, and encourage dwelling on things that are praise-worthy. The most praise-worthy fact is that we already have the victory through Yeshuah! After all why worry, when we can just prepare, and uplift one another! I hope this refreshes your spirit and soul and encourages you to keep your mind on things above and not mundane, petty things. We war against spirit not flesh and blood. I have to be reminded of this daily!

I plan to share more, and feel free to print this for your own use and even share it with your friends and family. What are some biblical precepts you meditate on to keep up hope and faith in these times of many testings and trials? Please share! Iron sharpens Iron!