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Flower Wall Art. Nature Rambles. Tea Time.


So these are the darlings I’ve pressed using one a very large dictionary for some DIY wall art. I love the texture and the color fades at the end of the petals.  I always thank God for flowers. They’re on my “most thankful for” list located under column 1, section 1b 🙂

I’ve been studying about butterfly’s here lately, I felt uncertain, because I’m fascinated again!! My favorite subject in high school was biology, so surprised I am, but not really… but learning to be ok with this part of myself. I haven’t met many people who like to sit and talk about butterflies, outside some in my immediate family. Looking to connect with like nature enthusiast. No I’m not advertising, though it would be nice. hmmm. lol

I drank Tea. Green Tea with honey. I love Green Tea that has a bite. lol  Tazo makes the best blend I’ve ever had!

happy weekend.