HeArtSync| 7.16.14.


In regards to social media versus real time love that nothing can capture but the heart, and occasionally a good Cannon!📷 lol  Peace is in creating the balance.💗 What matters most to me is what’s being experienced. This #heartsync is much-needed! 💗🌼☀

xoxo| Happy July!




 “The woman is happy who finds happiness in solitude as well as companionship. “

I love the freedom that communion brings. Enmeshment is restrictive, it tangles, confuses, traps and restricts whereas communion allows for intimacy, time, choice, space, and individuality, which all breed PEACE & HARMONY.

Overcoming enmeshment isn’t easy.  I fight every day to maintain the level of freedom I’ve gained in this part of my life, and create avenues for more freedom. I just want to share some things I’ve implemented. Above all, without being honest with me, I couldn’t have gotten to this place.

 1.  I no longer have a best friend(s), I have sisters and brothers.  Overcoming co-dependency.. The whole hierarchy system triggers a seemingly automatic “above the law” or “exception to the rules” way of relating in me, which has had very little to do with the person, and everything to do with my faulty belief system about accountability, mutuality, and boundaries. Taking the time to discover myself has helped me to be realistic about who’s compatible with today’s Alysia, and who isn’t.  Only I can decide that. I love all of my sisters and brothers equally, and that’s enough for me.  No bests and worsts! lol there’s so much freedom in that. I am working on being the best for myself for the first time in my life. We are attracted to what we BELIEVE is good, healthy and normal, and deserving on both conscious and sub-conscious levels. My new healthy and normal is Respect, Fun, Honesty and Accountability= true LOVE to me.

2. B O U N D A R I E S:  I remember days spending countless hours talking, texting, or e-mailing with others (this was before I realized  the importance prioritizing my personal space) Plus, I was kinda afraid of space then, because it meant I’d have to deal with me. It is my life purpose to encourage, and to give words of wisdom, and knowledge, BUT it’s not for the TAKING. God gave me the gift to use it wisely, and how I see fit. Guilt for not “helping” is not a move of God. False burden-bearing is not healthy. I would be unbelievably drained afterwards, but in the name of “help” I would forget about my first duty, which is to honor the temple God gave me, which includes taking care of ME, filling my spirit, guarding my heart, resting my mind, and choosing wisely what I put my mouth on. Nowadays I DON’T give unsolicited advice, and I selectively give advice that I’m asked for, and peace HATH FLOODED MY soul! lol Keeping my mouth shut really brings so much peace. Just because I have an answer doesn’t mean I should give it. Always use wisdom or people will drain you. You will drain yourself if you don’t protect yourself.

3. GOD FIRST: I put this at the bottom because it is the foundation on which all the above stands. Yahweh first out of love, and joy and fullness in all that YAH is and ever will be. Not because I fear He will leave me or because I have to work for love and approval. Castrated from purpose = Castrated from life. My purpose is to manifest God. Literally. LIVE. MOVE. And BE. IN HIM! = Fulfillment