FEEL. |Connecting with My Inner Ambience


I thought I’d design with much passion, color, and PoP since the winter always gifts me with feelings of power and inspiration unlike any other time of the year, and I wish that these were the only things the winter brings for me since I am a winter soul, but this time of the year also brings out some deep unpleasantness, some unease, some sadness, due to shedding old spiritual skin. It makes perfect sense, given that the wisdom from our ancestors teach that winter is time of inner reflection, connecting with our truest state of being,  and letting go of what no longer serves us.

In my view  we don’t live in the most emotionally healthy, or supportive society here in the western world, and so because of this revelation first from The Most High, and confirmation from resources that I am blessed to have come across I’ve found this newfound journey to getting in touch with my true feeling very exhausting, and I now see how much I have detached myself from them in winters past because subconsciously I just didn’t feel like doing the work of recognizing, truly feeling, and accepting them. Closing doors, and changing light bulbs spiritually is WORK. It is easier to act like a robot, and just walk around pretending to be unaffected by things (both pleasant and unpleasant).  I now know it’s ok to feel what I feel, to be intuitive, and to accept my imperfect, complex self COMPLETELY. It is ok to detach from what doesn’t serve me, and thus doesn’t assist me in serving. Saying no to some things, which frees me to say yes to what’s best. This means shifting, shifting, and more shifting. Life won’t be easy, and it won’t be familiar. I’ve never done this before so I am going to make mistakes, and I’m going to lose, and I’m going to gain.  I want to remain true to who I am and move forward creating a better world for my spirit to be free as God intended.  After all nothing is hidden, we just think we can hide. Society has taught us to try and hide, because it’s “easier” for us to assimilate that way and not “bother” one another, and keep to “business” at hand. The only business I have is being in tune with myself and my Creator.

I know I’ve done myself a great disservice by not trusting my own inner nudges when things didn’t feel right for me, and  I have often waited for some additional reason to be happy than just being happy and doing what brings me pure bliss & joy.  In the name of “waiting on God to show me” I’ve waited in vain. I no longer hold myself hostage in a shame and fear based belief system thinking I’m doing God a favor, by giving into my own fears and insecurities. I still deal with abandonment issues, and I know this is the root of this tree. It has taken 31 years to grow so I have lots of work to do but I am committed to myself. Even if I am wrong, I can ask for forgiveness. God is the same today, yesterday and forever. He never intended for me to ignore and neglect myself. If nothing else I’m clear that it is for my mental, physical and spiritual health to FEEL. This is what my God-given senses were created to do. I have a right to own what I feel. No more self guilt trips for feeling, whether that’s bliss or the depression. God lights my path, and when I fall He is always there to pick me back up not to sit me in a far-off place and judge me but to hold me, dust me off, reveal to me another lesson to share, and reassure me of the depths of divine love. I am connecting with my inner ambience because I am FREE to be ME. 💝

xoxo| Wishing you Self-Acceptance & Patience


Lesson from The Mat: Awareness.◑


Beautiful Rising!

I want to share a lesson I’ve learned during my bodywork sessions. Practicing bodywork is tough, and takes much patience with you. I realize how much my body holds on to well after events occur. It amazes me how easy it is for me to literally hold on to the feelings from my experience and by doing this (without realizing it has played a major part in my decision-making, and not always for the best.) I believe the saying “the issues are in the tissues.” When I discuss bodywork I mean stretching, breathing exercises and various methods to get me in tune with my body. I’ve experienced a few traumas in my life, which include a very scary car accident I was in about 7 years back. I find it’s very important that I stay in touch with my body and allow myself to feel, and not be afraid to acknowledge a range of feelings. I even cry on my mat sometimes. I shake. I’m in tune with my reality. I’m facing myself.

Bodywork has shown me how tense my body is.

I hit the mat ready to ask: “What have I been carrying around?” Now, Badu’s Bag Lady has ALWAYS been one of my favorite songs, and as I grow, I appreciate the truth in her words. Many times I’ve thought that I let go, but the truth is just as we transform our minds we also have to align our bodies with our minds. This has to happen daily. The body is an electromagnetic field. We are literally electric. The energy we experience in situations often linger way after we have vowed to release them. Releasing is a process. No experience effects just one part of our make-up. Regular exercise and movement is essential to wholeness. So many things build up in our hearts, and our muscles have memory.

I find a good sweat and stretching sessions a key to stress reduction. I find detoxing essential. Enemas are rejuvenating and helps to release blocked energy. Water does miracles. We bathe regularly for cleansing, and this cleansing is a tool for refreshing and coming into sync with a daily “letting go” so-to-speak. Water helps the body to release toxins, and at the same time refreshes and replenish the body. This is the natural law.

This is a very extensive topic and there’s much more I plan to share with you. I hope this post encourages you to be patient with yourself and take your time on your mat. MAKE time for you. It’s a healing session. I’m preaching to myself first. 🙂

“The ability to cope is a gift not a test.” The Floacist

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I want to hear your perspective. What are some things you do physically to maintain health and release stress? Outside of physical well-being, what benefits have you experienced? Please share!