Healing The Feminine Spirit| Becoming The Change

Sisters Cultivate1

Credits- Background: Kaffe Fasset  & Vasare Nar  


 My love for brown girls, sisterhood, laboring collectively to produce beauty in everything we touch, and this one huge motherland called earth, inspired me to create this graphic piece.

My thoughts:

Sometimes we engage in futile battles, while the worthy of fighting against, and for are left in the hands of defeat. Averting our energies to spiritual, mental, and physical strength and wellness is the only real war. SELF. I can conquer, outsmart, and even attempt to control my sister, to a degree, but the real mastery is self-control, and self-evolution.

One can inspire change, and even pray for change, but the queenliest act of all is BECOMING the change.

I’m inspired to share this because I’m challenging ME to focus. The worst that can happen is I’ll relinquish more of my shackles- and so, sometimes feel doubtful. The best that can happen is I’ll experience deep fulfillment, healing, and receive the humbling privilege of passing these on to my sisters and daughter(s). We are in desperate need of healing the feminine spirit. If we get audacity, and are mindful each day to encourage ourselves, and one-another about what’s truly important, I believe both individually, and collectively we’ll make revolutionary change as women.


Happy Birthday Mommy!!!! ❤ ❤



Beautiful Noon!

Screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!!!!!!! to my Mommy!

I love my mommy.

Because of her I sing.

love the arts and is an artist.

loves nature.

and coconuts.

…..and has a high waist and a giving spirit.  🙂

The first picture of her in the yellow dress is my all time favorite picture of her, I don’t care how many she takes. lol

The second is of her in Vegas, and the last is my grandma back in the day at Disney World. (Give me the outfit Grandma. Please? lol) I know she laughs at me to see how much I love vintage. I often forget this is a picture of my grandmother because sometimes I look at and see my mother, and my aunt. Without Grandma there is no Mommy and no me, so I had to pay homage. Well, before I get misty eyed all over again, I love my mother because she chose to have me and she still chooses to have me 30 years later. I love how she helps me every-time I ask her. She always makes everything looks so easy to do. She always says “Alysia, you know how to do that.” And somehow she’s always right. 🙂

Love you Mommy!