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Wholistic Vision Board|06.29.14



I finally finished my Wholistic Vision Board. I can’t wait to create a few more!! I couldn’t fit everything on this one of course! lol  ❤ ❤


Vision boards are a great way to meditate on what’s true. Images translate what 1000 words can’t. Though I chose to use positive affirmations, precepts, and happy stuff I wanted to include more images than words. I am an advocate of these!!


xoxo | Alysia

Adornment & Expression | 5.25.14


I’m in deep with scarves. head-wraps, faux gauges, and flowers. I’m doing more exploring, and allowing myself a deeper freedom to express via my adorning. I’ve always loved Hijab Fashion. I like a mash up. It’s just more fun and expressive of my true self that way… so with that I decided to share some tutorials and  Stylespriration stuff that I love! I hope you enjoy them!


xoxo | Alysia




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