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My HeART Journal | 7.8.14



Sharing adornments I created over the weekend with you! I love plugs, and I don’t want to stretch my lobes so I decided to create my version for pierced ears. Well those are the hand painted ones with the neon heart and a button in the middle ❤ I like to mix and match stuff I also made a Patchwork inspired Heart Brooch. Mixed media jewelry was my inspiration behind all these! I LoVe Buttons, and flowers too! I keep fresh flowers around regularly. Colors reflect and create moods. I even put one in my Grandma’s hair! 🙂




I can’t wait to hit the Urban Craft Uprising Market at the Seattle Street Food Festival in August! I created an “VAcationSpiration board” for my trip! I’m ready to go like NOW! lol

If you like these vibrant artifacts, or you would like to share what your imagination is expressing I’d love to see!! Please share below!



xoxo and Happy Crafting | Alysia

Mother. 😘


Happy Mother’s Day to all!! 💗💗💗
Mom’s are divine.👯👰👸 I love my mom so much!

I felt mixy today so I hopped on my laptop, and dreamt this set. 🌻http://ilovealysia.polyvore.com

XOXO| Alysia

My HeART Journal | 3.17.14


I always start my day with music…so I jammed per normal lol the mash up was some 90’s Janet, Zhane and more. I’m working on different color concepts and combo’s using watercolor paints on some unfinished wooden hearts (which both) I got from Michael’s craft store. I plan to stick some posts on them and wear them for earrings…my plan is to make some pieces for myself this spring. I have soooo many ideas. I did some fashion collaging today utilizing a 1971 issue of Ebony Mag, collage paper, acrylics, gesso and more.

My mixed media art classes, some awesome energy I was blessed to be in, and my trip to World Market with a kindred creative fueled and inspired me as well. Or rather my intentions created my surroundings, or God just smiled on me…either, any, or all. I’m happy. 🌼🌼🌼 I hope and pray you are blissFULL. Please share your blog in the comments if you are a creator, I would love to connect. I anticipate sharing my HeArt Journals. This is my first. I love it!

XoXo | Alysia

FEEL. |Connecting with My Inner Ambience


I thought I’d design with much passion, color, and PoP since the winter always gifts me with feelings of power and inspiration unlike any other time of the year, and I wish that these were the only things the winter brings for me since I am a winter soul, but this time of the year also brings out some deep unpleasantness, some unease, some sadness, due to shedding old spiritual skin. It makes perfect sense, given that the wisdom from our ancestors teach that winter is time of inner reflection, connecting with our truest state of being,  and letting go of what no longer serves us.

In my view  we don’t live in the most emotionally healthy, or supportive society here in the western world, and so because of this revelation first from The Most High, and confirmation from resources that I am blessed to have come across I’ve found this newfound journey to getting in touch with my true feeling very exhausting, and I now see how much I have detached myself from them in winters past because subconsciously I just didn’t feel like doing the work of recognizing, truly feeling, and accepting them. Closing doors, and changing light bulbs spiritually is WORK. It is easier to act like a robot, and just walk around pretending to be unaffected by things (both pleasant and unpleasant).  I now know it’s ok to feel what I feel, to be intuitive, and to accept my imperfect, complex self COMPLETELY. It is ok to detach from what doesn’t serve me, and thus doesn’t assist me in serving. Saying no to some things, which frees me to say yes to what’s best. This means shifting, shifting, and more shifting. Life won’t be easy, and it won’t be familiar. I’ve never done this before so I am going to make mistakes, and I’m going to lose, and I’m going to gain.  I want to remain true to who I am and move forward creating a better world for my spirit to be free as God intended.  After all nothing is hidden, we just think we can hide. Society has taught us to try and hide, because it’s “easier” for us to assimilate that way and not “bother” one another, and keep to “business” at hand. The only business I have is being in tune with myself and my Creator.

I know I’ve done myself a great disservice by not trusting my own inner nudges when things didn’t feel right for me, and  I have often waited for some additional reason to be happy than just being happy and doing what brings me pure bliss & joy.  In the name of “waiting on God to show me” I’ve waited in vain. I no longer hold myself hostage in a shame and fear based belief system thinking I’m doing God a favor, by giving into my own fears and insecurities. I still deal with abandonment issues, and I know this is the root of this tree. It has taken 31 years to grow so I have lots of work to do but I am committed to myself. Even if I am wrong, I can ask for forgiveness. God is the same today, yesterday and forever. He never intended for me to ignore and neglect myself. If nothing else I’m clear that it is for my mental, physical and spiritual health to FEEL. This is what my God-given senses were created to do. I have a right to own what I feel. No more self guilt trips for feeling, whether that’s bliss or the depression. God lights my path, and when I fall He is always there to pick me back up not to sit me in a far-off place and judge me but to hold me, dust me off, reveal to me another lesson to share, and reassure me of the depths of divine love. I am connecting with my inner ambience because I am FREE to be ME. 💝

xoxo| Wishing you Self-Acceptance & Patience


1.1.14 | AU COURANT



AU COURANT : adj. [french]  up-to-date.

literally: in. the. current. 🙂

Ok ..well of course I want to update you, and say Happy coming New Year (it’s in 6 more days!) MY Birthday btw 🙂 and more..

I’m beyond excited I got the class syllabus for my mixed media art courses earlier this week! I’m not sure what this means for herheartmatters.net, but sharpening my gift will only increase what I’m able to share. How often, and how much is what I can’t figure now.  I created the above polyvore set using  Kelis, Charlotte Olympia, and Moschino. I went with black and white because my posture going into this 2014 is Acceptance.  Black and white both are colors of absolutes. What’s your soul posture?

“Clearly, all fear has an element of resistance and a leaning away from the moment. Its dynamic is not unlike that of strong desire except that fear leans backward into the last safe moment while desire leans forward toward the next possibility of satisfaction. Each lacks presence. (29)”
― Stephen LevineA Year to Live: How to Live This Year as If It Were Your Last

xoxo & Happy 2014❤| Alysia

Boundaries. Am I Worthy?


Setting healthy boundaries is a very complex task. Some days I feel I’m moving forward and seeing progress. I see hues and colors that I haven’t seen since my early childhood. My mind is vivid and I’m free. Those times, I’m usually highly creative, and art feels like my second heart beat. Other times I doubt my progression. I feel very alone, and heavily condemned for loving me a little more. Yes, I have those days too.  I have moments where I still feel unworthy, and like my past has haunted me. Then out of nowhere, I feel like I’m a new woman, ready to re-introduce herself, just to allow fear talk me right out of it. Often I’m tempted to repeat my people-pleasing. There’s an inner longing to betray myself. I see myself as a field of flowers waiting to bloom. On those days I find it more comfortable to sit tight. Waiting. Not allowing myself to open up for the world to see. I don’t want to imagine how it would feel to see every flower in Spring sitting tightly closed, though it’s their season to blossom unapologetically. I imagine this is what it’s like in a world that needs me to be myself, and I cower. Is it fear of the unknown? Is it the terror of admitting there are things I can no longer tolerate, no longer ignore, no longer allow to happen? Maybe the natural withdrawals of ending activities that rob me of my God given right to be happy, loved, appreciated, and free- is what I fear most.  Boundaries, I need you, but sometimes I don’t feel worthy to have you.

Curvy Girls Rock: Fab &FuN Talk with Plus-Size Model Yvonne Smith

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of interviewing DMV based-plus-size model, awesome cupcake baker, sister, friend, and very beautiful woman both inside and out, Yvonne Smith. I sought Yvonne out to interview because as herself; I’m a curvy-girl who loves fashion, helping my community, and our birthday’s are 5-days apart. In addition, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Yvonne’s work up-close and personal and she’s professional, fuN and such a natural. Well, I hope you enjoy this interview! xoxo


Hi Yvonne, it’s such a pleasure to interview you. I have been up close and personal with you on the set when you’re working and you work is amazing! You are very photogenic, fun and friendly. When and how did you know you wanted to pursue becoming a plus-size model?

Hello, thank you for the opportunity to have this interview! I first knew I wanted to be a model when I was in first grade and I used to have to dress the part in a lot of plays that I did. I loved taking pictures and being able to transform into a character with makeup and hair!!

What has been your most rewarding experience in the plus-size modeling world?
The most rewarding experience has been helping out with charity work, supporting research for diseases or conditions that are affecting the African-American community.

YveCollage1Designer: T Simone Designs


Who are some of your favorite designers that you have had the pleasure of working with?
Apple Bottom Jeans
T. Simone Designs
 Eyani Couture
 My Hunny
Intimate Expressions Lingerie

How would you describe yourself? Fun, Outgoing, Hard Working, Silly. (Mr. Bean and I share a birthday! :))

As a model, you are your own brand, what would you like clients to experience as a result of working with you?

 I would like for clients to experience a moment of awe when they see me in their designs. I would like for the client to experience satisfaction in knowing I took a part in helping to complete their vision for their art.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside plus-size modeling? Spend time with my doggies! Having fun with family and friends. Telling jokes!

Are there any other parts of the fashion world that you would like to explore? Yes, fashion styling.

What are some of your other talents? Drawing, Hairstyling. Cooking, Writing

What misconceptions do some people have about what it means being a full-figured woman? That we have to be afraid to show some skin!

Now for the FuN!

Describe an ideal date: Me: My rich husbands Black Card, Alysia, my two puppies Us: in hot Gucci Sunglasses and the BMW…or did the date have to be with a guy?

Who is your secret celebrity crush? Idris Elba

Dream Vacation? Vegas

Dream designer to work with? Diane Von Furstenberg

I hope you enjoyed Yvonne’s interview. You can follow her via twitter @ModelYve. For ALL bookings and inquiries contact yyvonnesmith@gmail.com.

Yvonne is my eldest sister. I love her so much. #SisterLove


Welcome BACK! ❤ Philanthropy. Art. Freedom.

A warm and cozy Valentine’s welcome back!! It feels so good to be blogging again. I’m so happy for this avenue of expression and love. I’ve become more grateful during this re-birth. Anyways, get comfy, look around, and I hope you like the new vibe!


I came across this video as I was listening to Bilal’s new jam on youtube. Ms. Malachi’s brownness, voice and stature is breathtaking! :). I love the concept, song, scenery, EVERYTHING about this piece of art. The story and movement behind the art reminded me of my purpose. It reminds me of our ancestors who were consistently building, creating, educating and setting free. Always mindful and prayerful of the next generation. Being an artist and a philanthropist at heart; Carolyn’s song and message encourages me to keep going through every difficulty. It’s always worth the pain, persecution and adversity to ignite one smile, one genuine hug, to offer a piece of wisdom or an ear to listen. The journey is about getting used to being uncomfortable, but yet being full of joy knowing you are carrying on a great legacy. Find out more about Carolyn, check out the vid, her vision and how you can help below!


Check out Carolyn’s artistry and more HERE

FREE YOUR MIND: Telling the story of MoJo, a young dancer who shows up late to rehearsal, falls behind and struggles to learn the new choreography, the “Free Your Mind” video tracks her transformation as the girl shifts everything around her and moves what’s inside her. “The dancer is a metaphor: Maybe you’re like her… It’s very high-energy,” says Carolyn, “with vivid scenes of urban murals, loud graffiti, dancing tree leaves and above — clear, blue sky.” – Suzanne Skees, Huffington Post

DOWNLOAD THIS SONG via GOOGLE PLAY:http://bit.ly/R1sU0c.


The #IAM Campaign — a partnership between Grammy nominated recording artist Carolyn Malachi and The School Fund (http://theschoolfund.org) — harnesses the power of social capital to fund the education of students in developing countries.

What makes this initiative so special is that, for every view of this “Free Your Mind” music video and download of the song via GooglePlay, one hour of class time will be donated to students in East Africa, courtesy of The School Fund’s corporate sponsors. Our goal is to provide 10,000 class hours per month for six months.

Just by clicking “play” or “download”, anyone with internet access can help a student to one day say, “I AM a doctor,” “I AM an engineer…” The impact is real, the results are measurable, and the engagement is viral.