This Little Light of Mine|Cadence.


Experiencing this gift from God brings me to tears. My nephew is one-years old and he is so amazing. He’s very independent, and he loves crackers. lol He likes doing things with his hands, he loves playing the drums, and he loves outdoors. It seems as though when my sister gave birth something supernatural happened inside me. I felt overwhelmingly charged with the highest sense of duty, love, and  a the strongest urge to fulfill my purpose than ever before. Cadence’s birth gave me a chance to experience something I never have before. I got to feel the highest, and most positive energy possible on this earthly plane, and that is new life. Though I wasn’t present at his birth, somehow I still felt all the divinity and vibrancy that comes with the birth of  a soul. Words cannot explain, and I’m tearing up as I type this. Life is sacred.

Sharing a piece of my heart and soul…. He is my only nephew. I love him with everything that I am.

Auntie loves you Chunky!!!

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