Meditation. Unity. Light-bearers. ❤


We have plenty. An idea is something to give, a hug, a helping hand, an ear to just stop and listen, even an inspiring and timely word.

If I have one loaf of bread and I share with you, we can put our brains together and figure out how to get another one. We are both blessed. From this we can teach others a valuable lesson in sharing.

Yahweh is not slack. Promises are truly promises.

Decree love. Out of pure meditations springs forth pure words. Let’s meditate on things we know to be true and lovely. Rendering assumptions life-less.

Let’s try to make an effort to seek opportunities to help without fearing that we will lack as a result.

I thought I’d share one of my meditations for this week with you. What are your favorite meditation passages and what ways do you  carry them out on your everyday journey? Iron sharpens! Comment below!

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